The Rules

I have given myself the following rules for the #hunzikerartcar

  • Every aspect of this build will be done in trade for my artwork (donor vehicle, parts, specialist services etc.)

  • All trades will be equal. I will match your contribution to this project with the equivalent value of my artwork.

  • If you don’t have a car, parts or services to trade, you may acquire them first and then trade them to me for my artwork.

  •  You get to chose what type of artwork you receive in the trade: Pick from my existing original paintings & canvas prints or you may commission your own original painting of your choosing.

  • All contributors to this project will receive attribution (name or company name) somewhere on the final vehicle and via all of the Hunziker™ social media channels. (You may also request to have your name withheld and remain a private contributor).

  • I may sell or trade parts that are coming off the donor vehicle and contribute the proceeds towards the build.