Halifax to Torrance: 4000+ miles in a GT3

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. The first point is Halifax, Nova Scotia, the location of the GT3 donor car. The second point is Torrance, California, the location of the Hunziker studio. 2,960 miles (4,760 kms) separates the two points but our planned route clocks in at a bit over 4,000 miles.

This Monday, Brett Sloan and I will meet in Halifax to pick up the GT3 and we’ll start our journey towards California. We have a couple of fun stops planned on our route so stay tuned as we’ll be posting daily updates of our trip.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that this is actually happening. I admit that the idea of sourcing the entire #hunzikerartcar project in trade for my artwork was audacious but I’ve been surprised by all the people who have contacted me to trade their services so far: Reputable shops have offered to host and perform the build, offers for welding equipment, prototype modeling (3D CAD) for parts fabrication, detailing services and photography services to document the build.

I also received a submission from Adam Eisenhauer who co-owns Londonderry Limo in Hershey, PA. He had heard about this project on the CarsYeah podcast and had a creative offer of his own: Would I do a quick sketch of his BMW e36 M3 in return for transportation from the airport in Halifax to the GT3? I loved his email as I felt it was very much in the spirit of this project.

In addition to being the second official trading partner, Adam will receive this post-it note sketch of his e36 M3. He will also be the recipient of the exclusive #hunzikerartcar cap which will be awarded to all participants.


Art markers on Post-it Note. 3″ x 3″ Traded to Adam Eisenhauer for Londonderry Limo services in Halifax.


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