Trade #2: 1 Original painting = Deal Clincher


Once I had my initial agreement for the first trade (2 original paintings for a 996 GT3 donor) the next step was to find a suitable car. After a week of searching every car site, forum and after having reached out to various friends in the trade, I came across this gem on the Rennlist forum:


I talked it over with Mr. Topanga and we both agreed that in spite of the car’s location, the white Nova Scotia car would make for the best donor vehicle. I approached the seller and made him an offer on his GT3. I didn’t want to be too cheeky so I figured I’d offer him 10% below his initial asking price. After a day or so I got the following reply:

“Thanks again for your offer, I’m having second thoughts about selling the car. I think I am just going to hang on to it for now. Hope you find the right car.”

Obviously, this wasn’t the answer that I was hoping for. I thought about it and I figured that this wasn’t really about money. There was a reason why I had found so few first generation GT3s on the market: Owners love them and don’t really want to sell. While there were other GT3s on the market, this white car really fit the bill. I hadn’t told the seller anything about project #hunzikerartcar but I figured in the spirit of this project, why not make him a creative offer? I wrote back to the seller:

“Could I entice you to change your mind if I included one of my original paintings in the deal?” 

I included a link to my original paintings and waited for his answer. His reply surprised me: Not only had he heard of me, he was a PCA member and PCA instructor and had read my art&canvass features in Porsche Panorama magazine. He inquired which painting I was offering or if he got to choose. I told the seller that he could take his pick.

He thought about it for a couple of days and in the end we came to a deal: In addition to the original offer on the car (which would be wired to him directly by Mr. Topanga) the seller also received a small original canvas Alessandro’s Last Ride and a couple of prints.
When I started on the #hunzikerartcar one of my aims was to convey that art has value. The first trade illustrated that point nicely, what I didn’t know is that we can now also add: Art is influential when buying a GT3.

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